In season, in November

A new month is here and with it comes new fruits and veggies.  My favorite item on this list is Brussels sprouts. I could eat them nearly everyday. My other favorites on this list are Pears, Winter Squash, and Radishes. I love roasting radishes with butter – they taste just like roasted new potatoes (a great alternative for those avoiding nightshades!).  What’s your favorite thing on the list?

Hugs & Health


In season, in November

This image comes from a poster made in San Fransisco by an artist collective called This is YA.

DISCLAIMER: I am NOT a Registered Dietician or Medical Doctor. As such, I do NOT provide medical nutrition services, or diagnose and treat disease. Rather, I educate people on the benefits of a healthy lifestyle to improve their quality of life. I advise people with existing medical problems to consult with medical doctors. I shared evidence-based health information, whether to class participants, wellness counseling client sessions, or on this website.

2 thoughts on “In season, in November

  1. I LOVE Brussel Sprouts as well, despite being tormented by horribly overcooked versions as a child. I’ve never cooked radishes though. That is an interesting idea. I’m going to try that. Thank you.


    1. I was never exposed to brussels as a kid (luckily). I had them once about 7 years ago and didn’t like them, but found them at the farmers’ market about 5 years ago and have been loving them ever since. I think most people haven’t cooked radishes – it would never have occurred to me (thank you pinterest!). I just top and tail them, cut them in half, coat them in butter and roast at 375 until a knife pierces easily. So delicious!


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